Creating Demo Database

  1. For this demo, we will be using the Figlut Mobile and Desktop DataBoxes as stock take applications. Therefore our aim is to create a database to hold stock take data. Remember that creating the database defines the business requirements and this is the most time consuming step. After this it's just simple configuration. 
  2. Open SQL Server Management Studio that comes with Microsoft SQL Server and connect to your SQL Server instance. N.B. make sure that SQL server service is running by going to your windows services: open a command prompt/run dialog and type  "services.msc" to manage all windows services, or start the SQL Server Configuration Manager to manage the SQL Server services. Otherwise Computer Management:SQL Server start service
  3. In SQL Server Management Sutdio, right click Databases and click New Database. Give it any name you like. In this example I used Stock.  
  4. Expand the newly created Stock database and right click Tables and then New Table.
    1. Add a few fields e.g.  StockId (uniqueidentifier) i.e. primary key, ItemCode (varchar), Quantity (int), DateCreated (datetime). N.B. The Figlut Mobile Desktop DataBoxes handle the "Allow Nulls" option by either forcing the user to enter a value in the field or not. 
    2. Save the table and give it any name e.g. StockItem.  Figlut Suite demo database

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