Figlut Desktop DataBox

The Figlut Desktop DataBox is an out-of-the-box web based Windows desktop client application that utilizes the Figlut Web Service to enable users to perform basic CRUD operations on any Microsoft SQL Server database regardless of the database schema. Absolutely no software development is required; it simply needs to be installed and configured to point to the Figlut Web Service. Development of (.NET) extensions is however supported for more complex business requirements.

The Figlut Desktop DataBox can be run from the Windows Start Menu/Metro (in Windows 8).

if you've installed the Figut Desktop DataBox on the same machine as the Figlut Web Service then no configuration is required. Otherwise configuring it to point to the Figlut Web Serice's Base URL is done via the Figlut Configuration Manager.


  1. Shortcut Keys


Figlut Desktop DataBox load DataBox

Figlut Desktop DataBox populate fields

Figlut Desktop DataBox record added

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