Figlut ReModem is a utility (windows service) that allows for an internet connection to be established or disconnected on a 3G modem by sending an SMS to the modem. Can be used in scenarios where a server needs to be brought online when not having physical access to it. Thereafter you may connect to the server using some application like Team Viewer.

To install and use Figlut ReModem:

  1. Firstly download and install the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.
  2. Download and install Figlut ReModem Make sure to run the installer as administrator i.e. right click the .exe install and click "Run as administrator".
  3. Download and install Figlut Configuration Manager Make sure to run the installer as administrator. The Figlut Configuration Manager is used to change settings for any desktop/server Figlut application such as Figlut ReModem. 
  4. Plugin in the 3G dongle into your machine's USB port and start the application software used to manage the dongle. This application normally gets installed as part of the 3G dongle installation when it is first plugged into a new machine.
  5. Find the dial-up Access Number that is dialed by the modem when initiating a 3G data connection. For example I'm using a Huawei modem connected to 8ta operator, which is a based in South Africa. The access number that I use is *99#. 
  6.  You now need to create a dial-up connection to be mapped to the 3G modem which will essentially perform the same action as the Huawei software when dialing for a 3G connection. To do so, go to the Control Panel in Windows and open the Network and Sharing Center.
  7. Click the "Setup a connection or network" link.
  8. Select the option to create a dial-up connection.
  9. Select your modem from the list.
  10. Give the connection a name e.g. 3ginternet. N.B. The name of the connection is important as it will be used when configuring Figlut ReModem.
  11. Ensure you tick the checkbox "Allow other people to use this connection".
  12. Click Connect to test this dial-up connection. If all the details are correct and the 3G modem is plugged in, the connection should be successful.
  13. You can view this dial-up connection you've just created by opening the Windows Run dialog and typing in ncpa.cpl, which display all the network connections on your machine.
  14. Open Windows Device Manager and under "Ports (COM & LPT)", check for 3G PC UI Interface. Check and remember the COM port name e.g. COM17.
  15. Open the Figlut Configuration Manager in order to configure FiglutRemodem. Figlut Configuration Manager needs to have write access to it's own working directory as well as the Figlut ReModem installation directory in order to save setting files and write to log files as well as the Windows Event Log. You could either provide your current Windows User with permissions to write to these directories and then start the Figlut Configuration Manager, or the easiest way is to start the Figlut Configuration Manager as administrator. You will find the executable under this path (assuming you used the default installation folder): C:\Program Files\Binary Chef\Figlut Configuration Manager\Figlut.Configuration.Manager.exe
  16. Under the Figlut ReModem settings, update the Serial Port Name setting to the port name you saw the Device Manager e.g. COM17.
  17. Configure the "Default Dialup Connection Name"  setting to the name of the dial-up connection you created previously e.g. 3ginternet. This will be the default connection that will be dialed when the modem receives an SMS containing dial default. You may however have multiple dial-up connections created, in which case an SMS containing the command dial <connection name> where <connection name> is the replaced by the name of the dial-up connection in Windows.
  18. You may also configure the "Run Cmd after Dial" setting if you'd like for a specific program to start after a successful dial-up connection is made e.g. to start the TeamViewer automatically. You can simple put in the path to the executable you want to start up.
  19. After updating settings in the Figlut Configuration Manager, ensure that you Save the settings too.
  20. Shut down the modem management software (e.g. 8ta software) in order to free the COM port to allow, the Figlut ReModem service to access it.
  21. Open Computer Manager to view the Windows Services (services can also be viewed by using the services.msc command from the Windows Run dialog).
  22. Start the FiglutReModem windows service. N.B. If you'd like for the service to startup automatically when the machine/Windows is restarted, then you can just configure the FiglutReModem service to start automatically. At this point you are done. with the setup.
  23. In order to start using Figlut ReModem (start dial-up 3G connection via an SMS), simply send an SMS from your phone to the modem with the contents of the SMS being dial default . If everything was configured correctly, you should see the dial-up connection getting connected, the application you specified should start up and lastly, you should receive an SMS response indicating, whether the connection was successful (true/false), whether there was a time out (true/false) etc.
  24. In order to stop the connection you can send an SMS containing the command hangup default .
  25. Lastly for troubleshooting purposes, Figlut ReModem writes all messages in its own Windows Application Event Log called "Figlut.ReModem.Log". You can configure what exactly should get logged using the Figlut Configuration Manager.

 For testing/troubleshooting purposes you may also run the Figlut ReModem service in test mode as a console application. To do so:

  1. Open a Command Prompt as administrator and run it with the /test_mode switch i.e. C:\Program Files\Binary Chef\Figlut ReModem\Figlut.ReModem.exe /test_mode
  2. You will see in the console that Figlut ReModem will connect to the configured serial port and write out all the commutation on that serial port.
  3. When you send the SMS with the dial default / hangup default command, you will see in the console app (command prompt) as the message is being received and how it is being processed.
  4. You can stop the Figlut ReModem service (i.e. disconnect from the serial port), by pressing any key in the command prompt.

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