Figlut Web Service

The Figlut Web Service is an out-of-the-box RESTful Web Service that enables the exposure of a Microsoft SQL Server database to the web without requiring any development for basic CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations; it simply needs to be installed and configured to point to a Microsoft SQL Server database. Supports XML, JSON and CSV formats. Supports development of (.NET) extensions for advanced business requirements. Furthermore, for custom query purposes, filters (where clauses) can be applied directly to the URI query string and developers may also post raw SQL queries to the service to be executed directly against the target database e.g. for select queries that join tables

Figlut Web Service is started from the Windows Services which can be opened by running the command "services.msc" from the Windows Run dialog, or from Windows Computer Management snap-in. If the service fails it start, it probably means the database connection details you supplied were incorrect. To verify, open a Windows Event Viewer (run "eventvwr" from Windows Run dialog) and under Applications and Services Logs you will find the Figlut Web Service log which will show you any errors that occurred when you tried to start the service.

If the service starts correctly, check in the event log for the URL under which it started. Copy the URL and paste it in Microsoft Internet Explorer. You should then be presented with the the current configuration of the service and API details if you're planning on consuming the service from your own code.

View the REST API documentation for consuming the Figlut Web Service from your own code.

Figlut Web Service

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