Due to out-of-the-box products often being inflexible and the fact that business requirements change across projects, customers are then often forced to develop their own custom solutions from scratch by purchasing developer hours instead of cheaper out-of-box solutions.

Hence with so many businesses using up large amounts of time and resources developing data capturing applications, it has become evident that the various applications being developed only differ by their business logic i.e. the data being worked with and the business rules defining how the data should be validated as well as the relationships between the data e.g. purchase orders, proof of deliveries, stock movements etc.

Technical features/logic on the other hand mostly remain the same across every data capturing system i.e. most will require a web service, mobile client, web site, reports, printing, data access layer, data transformation, log files, settings, connection management, varying data entry methods etc.

Therefore due to this tight coupling of business logic with technical logic, it often results in the technical logic being reimplemented with each new project. This is not only results in an unnecessary loss of time and resources, but also tends to inflate the development costs of what are often just simple data capturing applications. We can then safely conclude that development costs can be minimized by separating the business logic from the technical logic.

The Figlut Suite aims to achieve just that by providing reusable applications, utilities and developer kits which aim to abstract the technical logic. This results in reduced development costs by enabling customers and developers to focus more on the custom business requirements as opposed to reinventing the wheel with every new project. The Figlut Suite also allows for the development of extensions/plug-ins, thereby promoting flexibility instead of imposing constraints like many other frameworks tend to do.

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